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Kristin Cavallari butt-shamed her husband

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I could have gone all year without seeing¬†Jay Cutler’s bare butt. Um, thanks Kristin Cavallari. More…

Jay Cutler has REALLY been enjoying his vacation

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Jay and Kris are having a faaaaaaabulous time in Mexico! More…

Kristin Cavallari likes to be on top

Kristin Cavallari at the cover party for Michigan Avenue Magazine’s fall fashion issue in Chicago

Finally, we have the answer to the question about Kristin Cavallari that no one really wanted the answer to. From her interview in Line magazine:
LINE: Speed round of Which do you prefer?…

Jay Cutler ain’t down with pregnancy sexy

Jay Cutler ain’t down with pregnancy sexy

Kristin Cavallari tells the new issue of Fit Pregnancy that her husband, famous average quarterback Jay Cutler, ain’t down with pregnancy. So blowjobs it is, I guess. Via E!:
“Sex is funny when you’re pregnant,” the Fabulist cohost says in the April-May issue of…

Jay Cutler is one romantic dude

Kristin Cavallari arriving on a flight at LAX airport

Remember when Kristin Cavallari got engaged to Jay Cutler back in 2011, dumped a few months later, and then reengaged a few months after that. Kristin tells E! the second engagement was even more romantic than you can imagine:
“It was…

Jay Cutler being Jay Cutler (a douche)

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari out and about in Chicago

Jay Cutler decided to go all tough guy on the paparazzi last week during a walk in Chicago with his pregnant fiance Kristin Cavallari. And I don’t think it worked. I’ve been more intimidated by Girl Scouts selling Thin Mints.

Ten bucks Jay Cutler never goes through with this

Kristin Cavallari out and about in West Hollywood

I wish there was a way I could bet on Kristin Cavallari getting dumped right after she gives birth to Jay Cutler’s baby, because I would literally make a kajillion dollars. From the New York Post:
Kristin Cavallari is five months pregnant…

Kristin Cavallari is pregnant

Kristin Cavallari leaving Erewhon Natural Food Market in West Hollywood

Just a few months after getting reengaged to Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler (he dumped her in June, possibly in the middle of her trying on wedding dresses), Kristin Cavallari is pregnant. “Let’s see that asshole dump me this time!”

Kristin Cavallari is cursed

Kristin Cavallari shopping in Beverly Hills

Is Kristin Cavallari cursed? Yes, yes she is. What, you think it’s mere coincidence that as soon as Jay Cutler gets reengaged to her, he breaks his thumb and is out for the season? Just watch. As soon as these two are officially married,…

Kristin Cavallari is in love again

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler back together

After being dumped in an especially cruel way by him a few months ago, Kristin Cavallari somehow found it in her heart to forgive Jay Cutler and the two are now back together. Also, she had rent due so what the hell was she…

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