Jennifer Aniston

‘Vogue’ editor explores Jennifer Aniston’s nipples. Not literally.

Boobs /

All you’ve ever wanted to know about Jennifer Aniston’s nipples on Friends. More…

Oh his Jennifer Aniston

Wardrobe Malfunctions /

You could have been so happy,¬†Brad Pitt, but you picked crazy. Never pick crazy. More…

How cold was it in New York yesterday?

Jennifer Aniston out and about in New York

That cold

Wait, haven’t we been here before? And before that?

Another notch on the bedpost

via Justin Bieber’s Instagram

At this point in his career, I’m just gonna assume that Justin Bieber banged Jennifer Aniston. It’s easier that way.

Holy shit they actually did it

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the SAG Awards earlier this year

Holy shit they actually did it. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got married. It all went down last night in a pretty secretive ceremony at their mansion in Bel Air. Guests included Lisa Kudrow, Chelsea Handler, Howard Stern, John…

Sexy stuff

Jennifer Aniston returning to her hotel in New York

Is Jennifer Aniston still considered a trendsetter when it comes to hair? Oh. Can she not be anymore? I don’t want to live in a world where everyone looks like Amy Winehouse.

Jennifer Aniston digging for gold

Jennifer Aniston arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios in Hollywood

FYI: If you shook hands with Jennifer Aniston on Monday at Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios, you were closer to her than you thought at the time. Much closer.

Jennifer Aniston is noticeable

Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of Cake at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Did Jennifer Aniston recently go gluten free? Or perhaps she switched mouthwash flavors from peppermint to spearmint? Something about her is more noticeable than usual . . .

Celebslam Presents: It’s Cold Outside, a gallery

Every time a nipple hardens, an angel gets its wings. Gallery has 30 pics, so click around. My Fiero needs a new carburetor.

Jennifer Aniston in a bikini

Bikini Pics /

Jennifer Aniston bikini pics!
(Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – 12/29)

Here’s more of Jennifer Aniston celebrating the New Year in Mexico, or as they call it there: EL NUEVO ANO! That sounds way more menacing than it actually is. Here’s another one: la carne que comen bacterias. That sounds way less…

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