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Did Sandra Bullock cheat, too?

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Jesse James just called out the virtuousness of Sandra Bullock. I’LL HURT YOU. More…

In beautiful people news . . .

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Jesse James Decker

Singer Jesse James Decker arriving at Universal Studios for an interview with Extra (10/15)

Jesse James is a dick

Sandra Bullock on the set of The Heat in Boston

For some reason, Sandra Bullock is angry that ex-husband Jesse James is using her to promote his new reality show. Oh c’mon, he only cheated on you with 10 women. Some chicks simply won’t forgive and forget. From Life &

Jesse James and Kat Von D are being very civil about their break-up

Kat Von D out and about in L.A.

I’m joking with that headline of course. They’re acting exactly like you’d expect two mentally unstable reality stars to act. Oops, “mentally unstable” and “reality star” may be a little redundant. From Star:
[Jesse James] and his ex-fiancee [Kat Von D] have…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 19 times, . . . .

Kat Von D out and about in West Hollywood

Kat Von D revealed yesterday on her facebook page that “never have I felt so strong about True Love, than I do today.” I don’t know, I guess she must really like Sundays. She then segued her feelings about love into…

Jesse James is single again

Jesse James and Kat Von D split up

If Sandra Bullock is looking to reconcile with the ex-love of her life, I’ve got some great news for her: he’s single! From Life & Style:
Almost five months after announcing their engagement, Jesse James and Kat Von D have decided to put…

Sandra Bullock is not happy

Sandra Bullock leaving NBC studios in Manhattan

I wonder why it took Jesse James so long to write a tell-all about his marriage to Sandra Bullock? He hasn’t crushed her spirit in months. What was he waiting for? Via Monsters and Critics:
Sandra Bullock is reportedly ‘devastated’ that ex-husband Jesse…

Kat Von D might be pregnant

Jesse James and Kat Von D leaving Urth Caffé in Hollywood

Is Jesse James’ new girlfriend Kat Von D pregnant? If you believe random Internet speculation without any proof whatsoever, you better believe it buddy. From In Touch Weekly:
The buzz started following Kat’s Wonderland Gallery opening on September 2, when…

Kat Von D is in love

Jesse James and Kat Von D at Pinches Tacos in West Hollywood

Kat Von D emerged from the cave she must have been hiding in during the whole Sandra Bullock scandal to reveal to People that she’s in love with Jesse James. Awww, isn’t biker love so sweet? From the mag:

Sandra Bullock’s divorce finalized

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James finalize divorce

Sandra Bullock is officially a single woman. Citing “Irreconcilable Differences” and “I Hope You Die, Motherfucker,” she finalized her divorce to Jesse James late last week. From TMZ:
Sources tell TMZ both Sandra and Jesse signed the final documents last week. Sealed documents have been…

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