Jesse McCartney

Aw yeah baby. Or not.

Good news for those of you that have always wanted to see Jesse McCartney nakedGood: We potentially have another celebrity nude picture scandal on our hands. Bad: It’s Jesse McCartney. Aw god dammit. From the New York Post:Jesse McCartney has an angry ex. We’ve obtained a photo of what appears to be the 22-year-old singer…

Jesse McCartney can be this picky? Really?

Jesse McCartney leaving h.wood nightclub in West Hollywood (4/22)I am very uncomfortable living in a world where Jesse freaking McCartney can be this picky with hot chicks. From the National Enquirer:No blondes allowed! That was Jesse McCartney’s rules at h.wood on April 14. He told his pals to gather up as many hotties as possible…

Congratulations Milo Venitmiglia, you just got cheated on

Hayden Panettiere hooks up with Jesse McCartneySorry, Milo, you’re gonna have to find another 19-year-old to bang:
your girlfriend Hayden Panettiere dumped you in the most embarrassing
way possible Wednesday night at Crown Bar in West Hollywood  — she
hooked up with Jesse “Do you know who I am?” McCartney. Ouch. From Radar Online:We’re seven…