Julia Roberts

People magazine is clearly trolling us

WTF? /

When did Julia Roberts become the editor of People magazine? More…

Julia Roberts is rich, bitch

Julia Roberts at the premiere of Mother’s Day at The TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

That Julia Roberts chick? Really rich. And she’s even richer now after that grueling half-week of work on Mother’s Day. Four days of work. Three million dollars. Nice work if you can get it. From Page

Whoa, hottie alert! . . . yes I’m being sarcastic

Julia Roberts in Hawaii

This post is going to be a good test for my servers. I wouldn’t be surprised if every single one of you click on all 25 pictures in this post. Twice. Because Julia Roberts is so beautiful, you see. It’s true — the media keeps telling…

Julia Roberts is a horrible horrible person

Julia Roberts at the premire of Jesus Henry Christ at the Tribeca Film Festival

Julia Roberts might actually be the devil. She’s currently fighting with her half-sister Nancy because Nancy likes food too much and has gotten fat. I don’t get it? Why doesn’t Nancy just hire a personal trainer…


Julia Roberts is a complete lunaticJulia Roberts went crazy earlier this week after a paparazzo pulled down his pants and started vigorously masturbating right in front of her. Oh no, that’s actually not what happened at all. He was just taking pictures of her. In public. Because that’s what happens when you’re famous. People take…

Settle down fella

Julia Roberts is famous or somethingI could stick a ball gag in my mouth and a gerbil up my ass and it still wouldn’t be as gay as this next story. From the New York Post:Julia Roberts caused quite a stir at the self-service Yogurt Stop in West Hollywood on Sunday afternoon. When she walked…

Julia Roberts has a potty mouth

America’s sweetheart no more Julia Roberts dropped F-bombs and talked tits and ass during a speech honoring Tom Hanks at the “Film Society of Lincoln Center” event in New York last night. From Us Weekly:”Alright well, it’s late and I’m paying my babysitter overtime and I have to pee,” she began. “So Tom, everybody fucking…