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Hey, you try paying child support for eight kids

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Jon Gosselin: Coming soon to the seedy part of town near you. More…

It’s Kate Gosselin in a bikini

Kate Gosselin in a bikini TLC has started airing previews for the new season of Kate Plus 8 this December, and . . . um . . . I find Kate Gosselin attractive in a bikini. There. I said it. I’m gonna have to live with that the rest of my life . . .

I would totally do Kate Gosselin . . . and Monday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Monday, July 2

Kate Gosselin leaving Rita’s Ice Cream in Wernersville, Pennsylvania (pics start here)

Sharon Stone leaving Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Danny Trejo on the set of Machete Kills in Austin, TX (pics start here)

Courteney Cox arriving at…

Kate Gosselin got a facelift

Kate Gosselin and her new facelift “Sorry kids, Mommy spent your college fund on a facelift because Mommy needs to shake the cobwebs out and get laid.” From Us Weekly:Has Kate Gosselin gone under the knife — again? When the former reality star recently reported for her first day as a CouponCabin.com blogger, she revealed…

That is a dangerous place to be with Kate Gosselin at the wheel

Kate Gosselin’s son and daughter leaving school in Reading, Pennsylvania

I don’t know what the hell’s going on with this picture of Kate Gosselin’s son laying under her van yesterday. I think he’s being punished. For not finishing his apple slices at lunch, Kate’s going to back over him. But…

Kate Gosselin is not happy

Kate Gosselin is not happy

Kate Gosselin ripped into her son (#5 I believe) while dropping him off at school yesterday in Reading, Pennsylvania. Deserved it, too, the little fucker. That’ll be the last time he cracks a smile without permission.

Kate Gosselin is a great mom

Kate Gosselin is a great mom

Kate Gosselin is endangering her children with her erratic driving — including a recent speeding ticket for driving 88 mph? You don’t say. Are we talking about the right Kate Gosselin here? She’s always seemed like such an angel. A source told the National Enquirer:

Ha Ha, you suck Kate Gosselin

Kate Plus 8 canceled

Kate Gosselin’s show on TLC has officially been canceled. OH JOY! OH JOY THIS JOYOUS DAY! JOY! From People:
“TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus 8,” a network rep told PEOPLE in a statement. “By the end of this season Kate Plus…

Kate Gosselin needs to get laid

Kate Gosselin arriving at NBC studios in New York for an appearance on Today

Will someone please just jump Kate Gosselin’s bones already? Like John Mayer, for example. I’m sure he’s not too busy. Hell, he could consider it a charity poke. It might even be a write-off. Anyways, Kate…

Kate Gosselin has needs

I’d probably do her

I don’t know why we still care about Kate Gosselin’s love life, but I’m running with it. Kate told People last week that she’s looking for an older man (read: someone with money):
“I want somebody who is older, at least in their 40s. I can’t be…

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