Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak is your 2017 Mom of the Year

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Sorry other moms, the contest is over. More…

Kim Zolciak is on vacation

Bikini Pics /

If you look closely, you can almost see water. More…

Celebslam Exclusive!

Kim Zolciak arriving on a flight at LAX airport

According to my EXCLUSIVE sources, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak¬† — arriving at LAX yesterday, above — may have recently had lip injections. Don’t even try to figure out who told me this information — I’ll never tell!

Kim Zolciak is famous

Bikini Pics /

Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta in Miami

Get ready for some excitement folks as the infamous Kim Zolciak made an appearance in Miami on Saturday. And only has the pictures! (that’s a lie) The beach descended into utter chaos as the paparazzi frantically tried to figure out who…

Kim Zolciak is on vacation

Bikini Pics /

Kim Zolciak bikini pics! (Bahamas – 5/17) Who the hell is Kim Zolciak? She was on the Real Housewives of Atlanta last season. To make a long story short, she’s a horrible, horrible person. She claims that she’s 30. Yeah right. The only thing 30 on this bitch are her implants.