Kristen Bell

Um, thanks?

Awk. Ward. /

Nevermind the guy behind them. He’s just passing through. Uncomfortably. More…

The 2017 People’s Choice Awards: Just the Attractive People

Future Ex WIves /

An award show was last night. Attractive women were there. More…

Kristen Bell butt naked in Allure . . . and the afternoon links

Kristen Bell (and Minnie Driver, Nia Long, and Jenna Dewan) in the May issue of Allure

+ Maryna Linchuck classifies as stupid hot [Drunken Stepfather]

+ 15 celebrities who are atheists [Celebrity Toob]
+ Justin Bieber paying his respects to war criminals [IDLYITW]
+ MiMi and Nikko’s sex tape (NSFW)…

Dax Shepard is a dick

Kristen Bell donating her old furniture

says that’s Kristen Bell “renting a U-Haul and donating her old furniture to a family in Highland Park” over the holiday weekend. Nowhere to be seen? Kristen’s husband Dax Shepard. He made Kristen — who just gave birth earlier this year — do…

Kristen Bell attacked a paparazzo

Kristen Bell arriving on a flight at LAX airport

Okay, “attack” is a bit strong, but Kristen Bell did sorta shove her bag into the face of a paparazzo at LAX last week. And I don’t think he appreciated it. Hmmm, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this paparazzo…

Kristen Bell is married

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are married

After dating for years, Kristen Bell and her boyfriend Dax Shepard finally got married last week. Oh thank heavens. Now I can sleep. From TMZ:
According to eyewitnesses, Kristen and Dax went to the clerk office just to get their marriage license — but…

Kristen Bell’s ‘O’ face . . . and Monday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Monday, November 26

Kristen Bell on the set of House of Lies in L.A. (pics start here)

Anna Faris on her way to Salon Benjamin in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Rose McGowan leaving a gym in Studio City (pics start here)

Kristin Cavallari out…

In beautiful people news . . .

Beautiful People /
Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis

Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis at Spike TV’s 6th Annual “Guys Choice” Awards held at Sony Studios in Culver City (6/2)

Oh hi Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell in L.A.

Kristen Bell went for a bike ride last Friday with her boyfriend-since-2007 Dax Shepard (tried to crop him out the best I could), and at one point she stopped to pet a dog and flashed her butt crack. Wow, I can’t believe Dax “Poor Man’s Ashton Kutcher”

Kristen Bell’s house is in foreclosure

Kristen Bell’s house is in foreclosure

According to the always-great Real Estalker, Kristen Bell’s seven-bedroom, 5,500 square-foot Spanish-style home was foreclosed on last month. Bell purchased the home for $3.1 million back in 2006, and has been living in it with fiance Dax Shepard since. I know, right? Who would have…

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