Kylie Jenner

Kylie slowly morphing into Kim

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Transformation almost complete. More…


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Don’t click the picture. Just trust me dude, don’t click the picture.

Start the Kylie Jenner boob job rumors again

Boobs /

Ten times. This makes ten times that Kylie Jenner has allegedly gotten implants. More…

Kylie Jenner is on vacation

Bikini Pics /

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram is not much different than a porn star’s. More…

Kylie Jenner got implants, right?

Boobs /

Kylie Jenner’s fake tits, meet the internet. More…

Kylie Jenner is a calendar model now

Promiscuous Ladies /

Kylie Jenner’s porn career is closer than we thought. More…

Kylie Jenner showing nipple in support of Kanye

Young and Hot /

Kylie, this path you’re taking has one destination: porn. More…

Kylie Jenner is naked pretty much

Young and Hot /

A little paint thinner will clean that right off. More

Is Kylie Jenner engaged?

Once A Reality Star Always A Reality Star /

LOL, Tyga could never afford that. More…

Kylie Jenner has some ‘splaining to do

Kylie Jenner and Tyga leaving Catch in West Hollywood

Tyga is famous for exactly two things: 1. dating Kylie Jenner, and 2. not paying his bills. Unfortunately for Kylie, those two parts of Tyga’s life are crossing paths and now she may have to testify in a lawsuit brought against…

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