Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad almost had a wardrobe malfunction . . . and the Weekend’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3

Lauren Conrad arriving at the Cotton 24 Hour Runway in Miami (pics start here)

Kelly Ripa shopping in New York (pics start here)

Portia de Rossi leaving a gym in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Elizabeth Banks leaving…

Lauren Conrad in Allure . . . and the afternoon links

Lauren Conrad in the November issue of Allure

+ Nina Agdal is scorching hot [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Nadine Velazquez’s red carpet curves [Popoholic]
+ Donald Trump is such a douche [IDLYITW]
+ Joan Jett in a see through top (NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ USA! USA! USA! [Source Fed]

+ Jessica…

Lauren Conrad is very important, you guys

Lauren Conrad arriving on a flight at LAX airport

You can tell that Lauren Conrad is important because she walks around with a cell phone in each hand. Not even President Obama carries a cell phone in each hand. Therefore, Lauren Conrad is more important than President Obama. You can’t…

Lauren Conrad has had a really tough life, you guys

Lauren Conrad is sensitive

Lauren Conrad admits in the new issue of Glamour that it’s taken years for her to recover from some unflattering bikini shots that were taken of her in Mexico years ago. That poor poor thing. I’m sure a lot of vets that served in Iraq and Afghanistan…

Lauren Conrad hooked up with Chace Crawford

Lauren Conrad leaving Tru nightclub in West Hollywood

I know what you’re thinking: Who hooked up with Chace Crawford? Chace is pretty cool (he got caught with a joint last year in Texas and was lucky they didn’t execute him), but Lauren might be the most boring celebrity in Hollywood.

This will fail

Lauren Conrad at the HTC Status Social launch event at Paramount Studios in L.A.

It’s official: Lauren Conrad has way too much money and is just looking for ways to waste it now. I’ll get you for this MTV! If it’s the last thing I do! From the Chicago Sun

Lauren Conrad signs another huge book deal

Famous author Lauren Conrad

Wait a minute, April Fool’s Day was last week. I’m . . . I’m confused. From Us Weekly:
Lauren Conrad — whose debut teen novel, L.A. Candy, hit No. 1 on a New York Times bestseller list — just scored another three-book deal with HarperCollins, she tells…

Lauren Conrad is secretly engaged, still boring

Lauren Conrad arriving at LAX airport

Jesus, would it kill this chick to do something remotely interesting like release a sex tape or get a DUI? It’s not like she has any dignity. She’s a freaking reality star. From the New York Post:
Is Lauren Conrad hiding something about her…

Lauren Conrad won’t go away

Lauren Conrad leaving the Herve Leger boutique in West Hollywood

Since The Hills ended earlier this year, MTV has found itself dangerously short on vacuous reality stars. Problem solved! From MTV:
“The Hills” star Lauren Conrad is returning to MTV with a new reality series, which will follow her as she…

The apocalypse is upon us. Again.

Lauren Conrad at a book-signing in Miami (2/10) Remember when Lauren Conrad’s first book LA Candy went to the top of the New York Times Best Seller List? Well she just released her second book earlier this month (!). And it’s a best seller. In other news, scientists confirmed today that teenagers are fucking morons.

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