Linda Hogan

Nick Hogan had these pictures of his mom on his cell phone

Linda Hogan in a thong

Earlier this week Nick Hogan became the first official male victim of the celebrity phone hacking scandal. I know, right? What a terrible thing to happen to such a likable guy. I’m not gonna post his dick pics (just search Google for “Nick Hogan microphallus”), but…

Camelot is no more

Linda Hogan and Charley Hill in Malibu last year

Camelot is no more. 52-year-old Linda Hogan and 23-year-old Charley Hill have called off their engagement. Is this the end of love as we know it? Via the New York Daily News:
Linda announced on Facebook Tuesday: “Ok… My status has changed.

The Hulk got totally screwed

Linda Hogan (aka Queen Succubus)

Jesus, I don’t even like Hulk Hogan (I’m more of a Rowdy Roddy Piper guy myself), but even I feel bad hearing about his divorce settlement with ex-wife Linda Hogan, details of which have finally been released. From the St. Petersburg Times:
Linda Bollea, 52, who…

Linda Hogan dumped that kid

Charlie Hill and Linda Hogan split up

Great news 18-19-year-olds: Linda Hogan is single! The Hulk’s ex-wife had been dating Charlie Hill since 2008, shortly after he graduated from high school. No, really, she was 48 at the time and he was 19. Well she’s 52 now and definitely not getting…

What is that thing?

That’s a man, babyPacific Coast News says that’s Linda Hogan (and Brooke) leaving the CNN building yesterday, but I’m pretty sure they’re wrong. I know a tranny when I see one. Look, even Brooke is uncomfortable.*10 Brooke and Linda Hogan paparazzi pictures total in the gallery:

How romantic

Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill out and about in Century City

Oh look, Nick Hogan’s 50-year-old mom is still dating his old high school buddy Charlie. Honestly, I didn’t think these two would make it past January of this year, what with Charlie filling out all of his college applications. I…

Still going strong

Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill leaving Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood

In case you care, Linda Hogan’s still dating that dude that went to school with her son. In even creepier news, . . . *crickets chirping* . . .

Hogan Family drama continues

Brooke Hogan shopping in Miami (5/18) Hulk Hogan is pissed about the comments his estranged wife Linda made last week about their daughter Brooke. And . . . and . . . I don’t even know what to say about these people anymore. They’re all horrible, horrible people. From Life & Style:”I can’t believe Linda…

Linda Hogan is nuts

Linda Hogan is fucking crazyThe Hogan Family feud just got stepped up a notch. And Brooke Hogan better watch the fuck out. Because if she doesn’t shut up and stop lying every time she opens her mouth, she’ll be facing the lyrical bullets of her mom’s boyfriend Charley Hill. From OK!:The Hogan family has been…

Linda Hogan not invited to Brooke’s birthday party

Brooke Hogan at her 21st birthday celebration at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas (5/5) Linda Hogan was persona non grata at Brooke Hogan’s 21st birthday dinner last week at Spago restaurant in Las Vegas. Celebrating the occasion was Brooke’s father Hulk, brother Nick, and boyfriend Stack$. Ouch Linda, that’s gotta hurt. A dude with a…

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