Lionel Richie

That screener better not touch Lionel Richie’s junk . . . and the afternoon links

Lionel Richie heading through screening at LAX airport

+ Lindsay still has a nice rack [Drunken Stepfather]

+ What a lucky dude [Just Jared]
+ Fun new game: What color are Cher’s underwear? [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ Wesley Snipes to finally begin his prison sentence [The Blemish]
+ My lifelong dream finally…

Lionel Richie has this celebrity thing figured out

Lionel Richie arriving at the Dorchester Hotel in London

I’d like to think if I was rich and famous, I would be a father figure to 20-something model-types just like Lionel Richie. Bless his charitable heart. From the National Enquirer:
Lionel Richie has been dating a revolving door of beauties lately,…

Lionel Richie’s hitting that?

Bai Ling shopping in West Hollywood (5/7) Lionel Richie’s secretly dating Bai Ling? Sure, why not. From Fox News:The unlikely duo was spotted on what appeared to be a romantic date last Thursday at Whist at Viceroy Santa Monica. According to an eye witness, Ling and Richie kept a low-profile and laughed and flirted throughout…