Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is no longer tapping this

Shannon De Lima in all her glory

Marc Anthony’s rep says the split between he and girlfriend Shannon De Lima is amicable, but she’s most certainly lying because Marc Anthony looks like Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima looks like Shannon De Lima. You’re not fooling anyone here, bitch. From People:

Shannon de Lima is really pretty

Bikini Pics /

Shannon de Lima bikini pics!
(Miami – 11/10)

Here’s some pics of Marc Anthony and his girlfriend, model Shannon de Lima, in Miami last week. Poor Mark — he looks so sad. Every minute of every day he must regret splitting from J.Lo and hooking up with this hot piece of ass…

Marc Anthony’s new chick > J.Lo

Shannon De Lima at the 27th Anniversary of Sports Spectacular at the Hyatt Regency in Century City

Marc Anthony and his new girlfriend Shannon De Lima attended the 27th Anniversary of Sports Spectacular last night (that’s a real thing, I guess), and holy shit she is hot. If this is…

Will Smith supposedly caught his wife with Marc Anthony. Having sex, in case I wasn’t clear.

Did Jada Pinkett Smith cheat with Marc Anthony?

Was it Marc Anthony who broke up Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage? Without a doubt, maybe. He either did or he didn’t, and I feel very comfortable in making that claim. In Touch Weekly says:
Although Will Smith and Jada Pinkett…

Did Marc Anthony nail a flight attendant?

Jennifer Lopez at NRJ studios in Paris

Of course he nailed a flight attendant. I wouldn’t post that headline and then write a story about how Marc Anthony never had sex with a flight attendant because he’s such a great family man. Us Weekly says:
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony…

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split up

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split up

In a joint statement today, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced that they’re splitting up. The couple have been married seven years and have two children, twins Max and Emme. They said:
“We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult…

A little something for the ladies

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at the Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints game at Land Shark Stadium in Miami (10/25) I’m always surprised when I see Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony out in public together. You’d think she would keep him locked away in a cage at home so no other woman could steal…

It didn’t go with the dress

Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills (1/11)J.Lo was spotted again not wearing her wedding ring, this time at the Golden Globes on Sunday. But she has a perfectly valid excuse why she didn’t have the ring on that doesn’t have to do with divorce so quit talking about divorce nope definitely not…