Michael Lohan

This counts as employment, right?

Dina Lohan pockets $50k for talk show appearance

Dina Lohan was paid $50k last week to fight with her ex-husband Michael Lohan on The Test — a new talk show that uses lie detectors to see if guests are being truthful. Seems like a wise investment. If I know anything about…

The alleged Dina Lohan abuse photos

Dina Lohan got knocked the fuck out! Yesterday Dina Lohan summoned up the courage to make allegations that her ex-husband Michael Lohan “raped” her twenty years ago, so that’s why nothing Lindsay Lohan does is ever her fault (seriously). That sound you here is me playing the world’s saddest song on the world’s smallest violin.

Lindsay got into another fight at The Standard Hotel

Lindsay Lohan at Coachella

Wow, I’m surprised we made all the way to Thursday before hearing about Lindsay Lohan fucking up this week somehow (fight, drunken antics, DUI, drug arrest, etc.), but we did. And that’s something she should be proud of. Baby steps Linds, baby steps. From TMZ:

Michael Lohan is pissed that his alleged drug addict daughter allegedly bought drugs yesterday allegedly

Is Lindsay Lohan buying drugs?

Michael Lohan is mad as hell about the video X17 released yesterday of Lindsay Lohan and her friend allegedly buying drugs in Venice Beach (more here). Wait a minute, there’s drug dealers in Venice Beach? Well I never! Michael told the paparazzi agency:
“I can’t believe…

Michael Lohan arrested after beating up his ex

Michael Lohan beats up Kate Major

I guess it’s domestic violence day here on Celebslam. Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael was arrested Monday night in L.A. after slapping around his ex-girlfriend Kate Major. According to TMZ, Kate stopped by the apartment the two used to share to pick up some of her…

Caption time!

Michael Lohan and Gina Rodriguez outside Katsuya in Hollywood

CAPTION: “Lindsay’s still feel bigger…”

Oh the irony

Dina Lohan continues to amaze

So I guess Dina Lohan is against Lindsay reconciling with her dad Michael because she thinks he’s just trying to use her to get famous. Oh. The irony. The fact that we even know who the hell Dina Lohan is means she’s capitalized on Lindsay’s fame. For…

Oh yeah, this isn’t creepy

Michael Lohan and a bartender at Hogs and Heifers in New York

It’s already well established that Michael Lohan is attracted to his two daughters (see here, here, and here), so it really comes as no surprise that he’s hitting on bartenders that look like Lindsay. What is surprising is that…

This is disturbing

Michael Lohan’s new girlfriend
Sonia Stickles

Add this to the “Michael Lohan is a sick pervert” file (previous impossibly-disturbing entries here and here): Michael Lohan’s new girlfriend, Sonia Stickles, is dressing exactly like his daughter Lindsay. So I guess she’s wearing clothes that aren’t hers and no panties. From the Chicago

This is a little weird

Michael Lohan and Kate Major at Celebrity Boxing 19 held at South Philly’s Bar and Grill in Philadelphia (4/7) You may have heard yesterday that Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael got engaged to his girlfriend Kate Major. What you probably didn’t hear is that Lindsay used to be Kate’s boss. Um, OK. From Rob Shuter at…

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