Michelle Obama

Oh hi Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, D.C.

Is it wrong to look down the First Lady’s shirt during an Easter egg hunt when she’s standing two feet in front of the Easter Bunny? And more importantly, how long until I hear a knock on my…

Spot the annoying celebrity at the White House yesterday

Sarah Jessica Parker listening to Michelle Obama give a speech at The White House (10/20) Jesus, I don’t even think Barack looks at Michelle this adoringly. I think she might actually be hypnotized. I bet if Michelle clapped her hands, Sarah would’ve clucked like a chicken.

Beyonce’s gonna get her ass kicked

Michelle Obama might kill BeyonceBeyonce better watch her back. Michelle Obama is *this* close to going Chris Brown on her ass. The first lady is not pleased with how Beyonce’s acting around her husband. A source told the National Enquirer:”Beyonce has spent months gushing over President Obama, and when she was in the same room…