Mini-Me hit this

Ranae Shrider topless!Remember Ranae Shrider? She was the co-star of the Mini-Me sex tape. Even more incredible, she admitted she was the co-star of the Mini-Me sex tape. Thanks to our good friends over at Geno’s World, we now know what she looks like topless. Is it just me or does she looks way too…

Mini-Me is drunk

Mini-Me on Celebrity Big Brother UK

OK, which one of you assholes didn’t put the child safety cap back on the cough syrup? *sigh*

Mini-Me nailed three bunnies in the grotto

Mini-Me on The Surreal Life 4 in 2005Playboy bunnies, not bunny rabbits. Though him nailing three rabbits somehow seems less disturbing. The pint size star told News of the World:”I LOVE the mansion and have had some of the best nights of my life behind its walls. Every man dreams of getting an invite just…