Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is tapping that ass

Kendall Jenner shopping in Beverly Hills

Nick Jonas has moved on from Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and is now banging Kendall Jenner. And it’s all thanks to Gigi Hadid. He should send her a fruit basket or something. From Us Weekly:
The blonde model, 20, and her boyfriend Joe Jonas…

Olivia Culpo is single

Olivia Culpo arriving for dinner at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood

Nick Jonas just dumped Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo. Nick Jonas was having sex with a former Miss Universe, and then decided he didn’t want to have sex with a former Miss Universe anymore. What in the fuck? What…

Nick Jonas is having sex with this

Olivia Culpo at a screening of The Great Gatsby last year

You know that whole “the Jonas Brothers wear purity rings as a symbol of their commitment to remain abstinent until marriage”? Nick Jonas is over that shit. Purity tends to get thrown out of the window when you’re dating Miss…

Nick Jonas’ girlfriend is ridiculously pretty . . . and Wednesday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Wednesday, November 27

Nick Jonas and his girlfriend, Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, leaving the Arclight Theater in Hollywood (pics start here)

Paula Patton at the 29th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards Announcement at the W Hotel in Hollywood (pics start here)

Jaclyn Swedberg doing a…

You suck, Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas playing softball in Central Park

I know what you’ve been wondering about a lot lately: Does Nick Jonas close his eyes like a little pussy when the ball is hit near him in softball? Why yes, yes he does.

You little son of a bitch

Nick Jonas and Deltra Goodrem leaving the Arclight Hollywood

That’s Nick Jonas leaving the Arclight Hollywood last night with smoking-hot — and newly single — Australian singer Deltra Goodrem (who looks like this in a bikini). And oh hey, I don’t see his purity ring. It’s amazing what hot Australian ass…

Jonas Brothers Tiger Beat Cover

Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas

The Jonas Brothers on the cover of Tiger Beat

The Jonas Brothers do not want your gifts

The Jonas Brothers outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York (6/11) Note to teen and pre-teen girls: The Jonas do not want your homemade crap. They want your money. From oceanUP:Girls have been waiting outside the Four Seasons in Toronto for over a month. They will take pictures with the Jonas Brothers, and even…

Totally missed this

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas heading to the Village Idiot restaurant in Hollywood
(4/11) Don’t know how I missed this yesterday but in the post where I was implying that Miley Cyrus was having an illicit affair with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, part of Nick’s fly was down. And Miley’s totally staring at his ass. Good…

Uh oh Justin

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas heading to the Village Idiot restaurant in Hollywood (4/11) “Uh oh Justin” as in “Uh oh Justin Gaston,” Miley’s pervert boyfriend. Their relationship may be in trouble, and not because Justin was finally arrested. Miley was seen having lunch yesterday in Hollywood with her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas. And honestly, I…