Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara’s ex is a dick

Sofia Vergara in the new Vanity Fair

It’s not unusual that two exes would fight over a kid . . . um, except in this case. Sofia Vergara’s ex Nick Loeb is suing to prevent her from destroying two cryopreserved female embryos the former couple created through in vitro fertilization. Via…

Awk. Ward.

Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara at the 2014 Angel Ball at Cipriani Wall Street in New York

Awk. Ward. Sofia Vergara ran into her shit-talking ex Nick Loeb on Monday night. The two were both at the 2014 Angel Ball in New York when they bumped into each other on the…

Nick Loeb is a dick

Sofia Vergara leaving a spin class in Brentwood

There’s no easy way to get over Sofia Vergara dumping your ass, but I’ll be damned if Nick Loeb isn’t trying his hardest. Talking to the New York Post last week, Nick took the “she wasn’t good enough for me anyways” approach…

Nick Loeb is doing just fine, thank you very much

Nick Loeb promoting Onion Crunch at Big Smoke Burger in New York

You may think Nick Loeb is depressed and suicidal after being dumped by Sofia Vergara? Nah, man. He has onions. Delicious, crispy onions. And that’s worth 50 Sofia Vergaras. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a billionaire…

Sofia Vergara is single

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb in Sydney, Australia

Our prayers have been answered. Sofia Vergara dumped her fiance, Nick Loeb. Finally, I’ll have a chance to bang her . . . and by “I” I mean “John Mayer or Adam Levine.” Sofia wrote on her WhoSay page:
Not that anyone…

Sofia Vergara and her fiance are doing great

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb arguing at Miami International Airport

Healthy marriages are built on a solid foundation of arguing and bickering, right?

Aw god dammit

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

So I guess Sofia Vergara didn’t break up with her fiance Nick Loeb. There was a rumor last week that the two had called their wedding off, but there they are earlier this week on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. And of…

Sofia Vergara might not be getting married

Sofia Vergara might not be getting married

Nick Loeb is an idiot if he fucks this up. Not only is Sofia Vergara hot as hell, but she’s rich as hell, too. Sofia Vergara is so damn hot that I’d fuck her even if she had a bad credit score. A source…

Sofia Vergara hasn’t dumped her fiance yet

Sofia Vergara in Miami

Sofia Vergara and her fiance Nick Loeb’s fight on New Year’s Eve was so bad that Loeb was thrown “out of the back door of the club” by four security guards, but the two were spotted yesterday at the beach in Miami. Sofia does look a…

Sofia Vergara’s fiance kicked out of club for screaming at her

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb leaving their hotel in Miami Beach

Sofia Vergara and her fiance Nick Loeb rung in 2013 with arguing, screaming, and even “pushing and shoving,” according to some witnesses. “Happy New Year, you fucking bitch!” From the New York Post:
Sofia Vergara’s fiance Nick Loeb was…

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