Nicollette Sheridan

Nicollette Sheridan is on vacation

Bikini Pics /

Nicollette Sheridan bikini pics!
(St. Barts – 4/14)

That’s Nicollette Sheridan on vacation in St. Barts over the weekend. Flynet says she was “proud to show off her bikini body” as she exited the water. Yeah, I guess she doesn’t look too bad for 48. I’d probably date her, but only because…

Nicollette Sheridan is noticeable

Nicollette Sheridan leaving Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood

Did she switch to a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner or an all-natural toothpaste that isn’t tested on animals? Something about her just seems “different.”

ALTERNATE HEADLINE: “Starving cougar spotted in West Hollywood”

Nicollette Sheridan ass pictures

Nicollette Sheridan out and about in Calabasas

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Nicollete Sheridan suing Desperate Housewives creator

Nicollette Sheridan leaving the Ivy restaurant in West Hollywood (3/11) Nicollette Sheridan is suing the creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, after she claims he punched her and then killed her off the show after she reported the incident to ABC execs (note to Nicollete: $20 million lawsuits always work better with a police report).

Quickies Redux

Nicollette Sheridan out and about in Malibu (8/1)

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Holy crap

Bikini Pics /

Nicollette Sheridan bikini pics! (Malibu – 8/2) I don’t know what’s more impressive about these pictures of Nicollette Sheridan in Malibu yesterday. The fact that she still looks semi-decent in a bikini or that she has an arm like Joe Montana. 45-year-old women aren’t supposed to throw like that.UPDATE: Calling it a “significant upgrade at…

Quickies Redux

Nicollette Sheridan shopping at the James Perse boutique in Malibu (7/18)

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The Daily Bikini: Nicollette Sheridan

Bikini Pics /
Nicollette Sheridan bikini pics!

Nicollette Sheridan in Malibu (Aug. 2006)

Nicollette Sheridan channels her inner Britney

Nicollette Sheridan leaving Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills (3/6)Nicollette Sheridan starred in her first talkie in, what, 1932? She’s been around Hollywood long enough that you’d think she would have learned how to enter and exit a car by now. So then why the hell was she flashing her goods Friday night outside Mr.