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Lourdes Leon is NSFW

Here’s 19-year-old Lourdes Leon showing her boobs off on Snapchat last week. Pretty tame for someone whose mom is Madonna. “When I was your age, I used to have to walk uphill both ways through the snow to get to the market to buy things to stick…

Stella Maxwell had a little wardrobe malfunction

Stella Maxwell on her way to the LOVE magazine party at Loulou’s in London

Here’s model/Miley Cyrus’ ex-girlfriend walking around London Fashion Week with her boob out yesterday. For being a fashion model, she’s not very good at wearing dresses — I bet she doesn’t get invited back next year,…

Kim Kardashian is noticeable

Kim Kardashian arriving at a studio in Miami

I was going to make a joke here that something about Kim Kardashian is more noticeable than usual, but nope. That’s completely usual.

Kim Kardashian showing off her ‘spray tan’ last night in Miami

Kim Kardashian’s spray tan selfie

Without mirrors, would Kim Kardashian exist? And without Kim Kardashian, would mirrors exist? These are the philosophical questions that keep me up at night. And alcohol-induced narcolepsy.

Kim Kardashian using her breasts for attention, you say?

Kim Kardashian out and about in Tribeca, New York

Here’s Kim Kardashian wearing a see-through top in New York yesterday. Weird, normally she uses her incredible acting ability and charitable outreach efforts to generate publicity. This is a new one for her.

Stella Maxwell is very fashionable

Stella Maxwell on her way to Rihanna’s VMAs afterparty in New York

Here’s Victoria’s Secret model/Miley Cyrus’ ex-girlfriend Stella Maxwell rocking a mesh dress on her way to a VMAs afterparty on Sunday. Oh that’s okay then. I was worried she was on her way to jury duty or something.

Genevieve Morton ain’t bad

Genevieve Morton topless!

Here’s South African bikini model Genevieve Morton topless for the first time that I can remember (click the pic for the uncensored version). But it’s all good because black and white makes it totally artsy. You hear that, Jessica Alba? Black and white makes it artsy. You know…

Lea Michele is butt naked

Lea Michele butt naked in Women’s Health

Here’s Lea Michele butt naked in the new issue of Women’s Health. Strange feature for a magazine targeted to women. Shouldn’t these pics be in Men’s Health? . . . Wait a minute, aw god dammit. Does this mean we’re gonna see The Rock’s…

It’s Kim Kardashian topless again again

Kim Kardashian topless on the set of M.I.L.F.$

Here’s some behind-the-scenes pics of Kim Kardashian on the set of Fergie’s new music video M.I.L.F.$, including the one above where she’s topless. The pics were leaked to the internets after someone hacked Kim’s cell phone earlier this week–just kidding, she published these…

Ireland Baldwin just got topless

Ireland Baldwin in Issue 11 of Treats magazine

Turns out the daughter of Kim Basinger looks god damn amazing naked. Did not see that one coming.

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