Pam Anderson

It’s just Pam being Pam

Pam Anderson leaving Nobu restaurant in Malibu (8/16) This week’s “Pam Anderson fucked someone in a bathroom” story is sponsored by Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. They’re Gr-r-reat! From the New York Post:Pamela Anderson really knows how to celebrate art. The sultry star was at the opening party for David LaChapelle’s new photography exhibition at the David…

Someone get a hose

Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson at Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (8/1) WTF? Why does Tommy Lee keep going back to Pam Anderson? Her vagina must be scarier looking than those fish with huge fangs that live at the bottom of the ocean. The only thing that makes…

The Daily Bikini: Pam Anderson

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Pam Anderson bikini pics!

Pam Anderson in St. Tropez (July 2007)

Pam Anderson’s trailer for sale

Pam Anderson’s “Lovestream” trailerA casino in Laughlin, Nevada, is trying to sell Pam Anderson’s old “Lovestream” trailer. The price? $39,000. The trailer was a gift to Pam in 2001 from Hugh Hefner and features a mirrored ceiling, circular vibrating bed, stripper pole, and disco ball. Presumably the mirrored ceiling is so you can see the…

Pam Anderson in Malibu yesterday

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Pam Anderson bikini pics! (Malibu – 5/25) Pam Anderson walking down Malibu Beach with her new best friend, out of focus pictures. Christ, she looks halfway bangable. I haven’t said that about Pam Anderson since the mid-90s. I feel like I’m back in high school . . . minus the socially crippling acne of course.

It’s official

Pam Anderson at Malibu Beach (1/18) It’s official. Pam Anderson is trailer trash. Courtney Love revealed to the New York Post that the former Playboy model has fallen upon hard times recently and is now living in a trailer park in Malibu:”Pam Anderson doesn’t even have a credit card. And she lives in Paradise Cove…

Pam Anderson is difficult

Holy crap she got uglyCan Pam Anderson go one day without one of her tits falling out or her making a complete ass of herself? As a matter of fact, no, no she can’t. From the National Enquirer:Pam Anderson couldn’t be bothered to read the menu when she lunched at The Ivy on Feb. 25.

Pam Anderson went to the beach

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Pam Anderson bikini pics! (Malibu – 1/16)It’s weird what has happened to Pam Anderson over the years. And by “weird’ I mean “horrifying.” Many a Friday night in high school was spent rubbing one out to a dream of her tackling me like that. Now if she came within 10 feet of me, I’d probably…