Paris Hilton

Such grace and majesty

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We might as well be looking at a picture of the Queen of England and her twin sister. More…

Paris Hilton says she invented the selfie

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It’s 2017 and we’re still talking about Paris Hilton. We have failed as a society. More…

Paris Hilton is still Paris Hilton

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Same Paris Hilton, same old shtick. More…

Oh his Jennifer Aniston

Wardrobe Malfunctions /

You could have been so happy, Brad Pitt, but you picked crazy. Never pick crazy. More…

Hello old friend

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This is like a flashback to my childhood. ’90s kids will never forget this nipple! More…

Joanna Krupa > Paris Hilton

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Is that a whip and a dog collar? Dammit, Joanna Krupa, make up your mind. Are you a dom or a sub? More…

Burning Man update

Burning Man update

Paris Hilton was there. It’s officially uncool.

Paris Hilton really wants to be famous again

Paris Hilton leaving Ours Club In London

If you think it kills Paris Hilton that Kim Kardashian has become a bigger star than she ever was, you’re exactly right. So that’s why she just hired her ex publicist to rocket her back to being famous for being famous. From the…

And she just met that water!

Paris Hilton on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain

PUBLIC SAFETY TIP: If you’re going to Ibiza in the next week or so, avoid the water. After Paris Hilton’s antics yesterday, it’s basically the same as the Zika water in Brazil now. Or don’t avoid it. Whatever. It’s your life, man.

Um, Paris, your, um

Paris Hilton shopping at the Apple store in Milan, Italy

I don’t know what’s more surprising here: that Paris Hilton flashed so much of her thong to the paparazzi to the point of almost seeing asshole, or that she’s actually wearing underwear to flash to the paparazzi. I guess that’s…

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