Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is still nuts

Paula Abdul arriving on a flight at LAX airport

This month’s “Paula Abdul is fucking nuts” story is brought to us by the National Enquirer:
Okay, we told you exclusively that the “X-Factor” star just moved into a condo near her CBS job, and desperately wants to sell her San…

This is going great

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at the FOX upfront presentation in New York

Paula Abdul reuniting with Simon Cowell on The X Factor is going about as well as Jessica Simpson trying to calculate a the tip at a restaurant. “Numbers are dang hard!” A set insider told the National

Paula Abdul is freaking nuts

Paula Abdul and her boyfriend arriving at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood

Since being fired from American Idol, I think the world has sorta forgotten just how crazy Paula Abdul is. Luckily she provided a friendly reminder by accusing her boyfriend of kidnapping her on Valentine’s Day (audio of her phone

Shocking news about Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul arriving at CBS studios in New York

She’s still a batshit crazy diva. I know, so shocking right? Did not see that one coming. From the National Enquirer:
“Paula has been out of control on the set [of her new show “Live to Dance”],” disclosed a show insider. “Her…

Paula will show them!

Paula Abdul “obsessed” with beating Jennifer Lopez

Paula Abdul is acting delusional and obsessive again. Uh oh, she must be low on meds and black market horse tranquilizer again. From the Chicago Sun Times:
“I want to kick their butts,” Paula Abdul told a friend and longtime fellow “American Idol” associate the…

Paula Abdul is still nuts

Paula Abdul leaving Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills

When Paula Abdul was essentially fired from American Idol last year, she left with the reputation of being a complete diva who took the art of making unrealistic demands on producers to an entirely new level. Since then, absolutely nothing has changed at…

Paula Abdul is a monster

Paula Abdul will take your handicapped spot

Paula Abdul parked her Range Rover in a handicapped spot last week while shopping at Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood. Since she took the only handicapped spot left, 67-year-old Frank Pometti of Riverside had to park all the way in the back of the lot…

Paula Abdul is nuts

Paula Abdul leaving BOA Steakhouse in Santa Monica

Note to Paula Abdul: You’re not Jason Bourne. Settle the fuck down. From E!:
As a handful of photographers stood outside the Ole Henriksen salon in West Hollywood yesterday waiting for Paula Abdul to exit, an eyewitness tells E! News that one of…

Rare photo of Paula Abdul not at a pharmacy . . . and the afternoon links

Paula Abdul out and about in Beverly Hills (4/22)

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Paula Abdul is f’ing crazy

Paula Abdul is insaneYou don’t fuck with Paula Abdul . . . says the voice in Paula Abdul’s head. She’s gonna teach those no-good American Idol producers a lesson! From the National Enquirer:Paula’s plan for revenge! Still fuming after her unceremonious exit from American Idol in early August, Abdul, 47, is banking on her upcoming…

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