Pauly D

Pauly D’s one night stand is the fucking devil

Amanda Markert is the fucking devil

To be blunt, Pauly D’s baby mama Amanda Markert is a piece of shit. After finding out Amanda was pregnant from their one night stand in Vegas last year, Pauly D offered to pay for an abortion (hey, it happens). Not only did she take…

Pauly D knocked up a chick

Pauly D launching his line of ready to drink cocktails at Walmart in Las Vegas

Congrats to former Jersey Shore star Pauly D. Whether he likes it or not, he’s a father now. It was just revealed that one of his many one-night stands gave birth to a son a…

This will not end well

Britney Spears giving Pauly D a lap dance during her concert in Puerto Rico in 2011

This can only end with Britney getting knocked up with a Jersey Shore baby. From In Touch Weekly:
Will Britney Spears and Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio be friends “till the World Ends”? Pauly thinks so!

Pauly D made $100k over the weekend

Pauly D at the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at The Palms in Las Vegas

Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame made $100,000 over the weekend. And he didn’t even have to do anything gay. I mean, besides that thing he does with his hair. From the New York Post:

That dude from Jersey Shore has a rider

Pauly D fancies himself a celebrity

I mean a tour rider. Pauly D actually has a tour rider for his DJing appearances like real-life famous people. In addition to four airlines tickets required for each gig (two in business class of course), promoters also have to provide a suite in a…

Pauly D makes $500k/mo

Pauly D is rich, bitch

What are roofies going for these days? $5 a pop? That’s 100,000 chicks a month this guy is hooking up with! From Life & Style:
“[Pauly D] makes at least $500,000 a month,” an insider tells Life & Style. Pauly D is seeing big dollar signs…

Chloe Sevigny says she’s not dating Pauly D

Chloe Sevigny says she’s not hooking up with Pauly D

Wait, really? She really has to clear that up? This just in: Leonardo DiCaprio denies dating Amber from Teen Mom. From Interview magazine:
BELLIKOFF: So I have to ask you, because you just brought up the issue and I’m sure you’ve seen…

Pauly D is popular

Pauly D at In Touch Weekly’s “Icons & Idols” party at Bar Marmont in West Hollywood

Wait a minute, I thought only “real” celebrities were supposed to get panties thrown at them — you know, like The Beatles (from horny women), Julio Iglesias (from horny women), and Clay Aiken (his own).

You suck Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins sucks

The Apocalypse is upon us: Jersey Shore has gone mainstream. Pauly D is now a spokesman for Baskin Robbins. I know, dumb. But I do have some good news. Mention this post at any participating Baskin Robbins and receive 20% off their newest smoothie flavors “Date Rape Raspberry,” “Forced…