Rachel Uchitel

Elin Nordegren can’t escape Tiger’s whores

Elin Nordegren at Walt Disney World in Orlando

The good news: Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren is dating again. The bad news: She’s dating a dude who only has one degree of separation to Tiger’s penis. Whoopsy! Via TMZ:
We told you yesterday … Tiger Woods ex-wife is dating marketing…

It’s Whore #1 and her new boyfriend

Bikini Pics /

Rachel Uchitel bikini pics!

Rachel Uchitel — who Tiger Woods famously paid $10 million in hush money to — and her new boyfriend, 25-year-old former Penn State football player Matt Hahn, spent the day relaxing at Miami Beach on Monday. My god. Even when she’s in the throes of a loving…

Rachel Uchitel thinks very highly of herself

Rachel Uchitel CBS studios in New York after appearing on The Early Show

Rachel Uchitel — most famous for being the “ground zero whore” in the Tiger Woods scandal — thinks very highly of herself now. She refused to fly out to L.A. for the premiere of Celebrity Rehab — oh,…

It’s Rachel Uchitel’s kitty

Rachel Uchitel upskirt!

If you’re anything like me, you were quite stunned to learn that professional mistress Rachel Uchitel (aka “Whore #1“) doesn’t wear panties. That’s her flashing the paparazzi Friday night as she left BOA Steakhouse (close-up picture here if you’re not at church or work). Pardon me for being so…

Tiger Woods is a dick

Rachel Uchitel is not posing for Playboy

We were totally going to see Whore #1 Rachel Uchitel’s boobs in Playboy, but then Tiger Woods had to be all uptight and put a turd in the punchbowl. Thanks a lot Tiger. From Radar:
Tiger Woods thwarted his ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel’s $300,000 payday to…

Homewreckers not allowed

Rachel Uchitel is getting blacklisted

Rachel Uchitel wants to buy a new apartment in New York with some of the $10 million in hush money Tiger Woods paid her, but she’s having a tough time since most buildings in the city have a strict “No Whores Allowed” policy. Tough break. From the…

Whore #1 went the beach again

Bikini Pics /

Rachel Uchitel bikini pictures!
(Malibu – 8/24)

For those of you keeping score at home, this marks the second time (pics from first time here) since Tiger Woods announced his divorce that Whore #1 put on a bikini and called the paparazzi to tell them she was going to beach. Wow, look…

Whore #1 went to the beach, too

Bikini Pics /

Rachel Uchitel bikini pics!
(Maliu – 8/23)

What an incredible coincidence that the day Tiger Woods announces his divorce is official, “Whore #1″ Rachel Uchitel emerges out of hiding and is seen prancing around Malibu in a bikini with a new manfriend (I hope his wife doesn’t see these pics). And this…

Tiger paid one of his whores $10 million

Gloria Allred and Rachel Uchitel at LAX last DecemberTiger Woods actually paid one of his whores $10 million. Not for sex. Although that wouldn’t really surprise me at this point. It was hush money. Wait a minute . . . I thought he had 20+ whores? Um, he needs a new accountant. From TMZ:There were…

Tiger’s whores are finding work

Rachel Uchitel out and about in New York last DecemberTurns out that destroying someone’s marriage has its benefits. Whore #1 Rachel Uchitel (aka “Ground Zero Whore”) just got hired by Extra to be a correspondent. There goes any chance they had at winning a Peabody. From the New York Post:Uchitel, who was interviewed last night…

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