Samantha Geimer

Roman’s wife is pissed

Roman Polanski’s wife is not pleasedRoman Polanski’s wife Emmanuelle is pissed at him for raping 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977. Oh wait, no she’s not, that would make too much sense. She’s pissed that he was placed under house arrest as he fights extradition back to the United States to face charges. From the Huffington

Rapist to possibly face justice

Roman Polanski ordered to return to the United StatesPaging Mr. Polanski. Paging Mr. Polanski. You’re needed in the United States. Ha Ha Ha PWN3D! From the New York Daily News:Film director Roman Polanski lost his bid to be sentenced without returning to the U.S. when a judge ruled the director must be present in court…

You asshole

Roman Polanski at the 2008 Cannes Film FestivalTurns out Roman Polanski is an even bigger monster than anyone thought. In 1993 — 15 years after he raped 13-year-old Samantha Geimer — Polanski agreed to pay $500,000 to settle a lawsuit she brought against him. Not only did he not initially pay her the money, it’s…