Sarah Jessica Parker

That is not Sarah Jessica Parker

That is not Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker appears on the cover of the October issue of Elle, and I think a good way to get rich is to be the guy that does all the photoshopping at Elle. I mean, do they think we’re stupid? My car looks more…

What a sexy outfit

Sarah Jessica Parker is fug

PICTURED: Sarah Jessica Parker arriving at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris today wearing a sheer top; confusion; bewilderment; horror; anger

Oh yeah, this is completely normal

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2011 UNICEF Snowflake Ball at Cipriani in New York

Sarah Jessica Parker — who, mind you, is married — just bought her own stable apartment in New York. When asked if he was happy about the purchase, Sarah’s husband Matthew Broderick replied, “Neigh.” [INSERT ADDITIONAL…

Caption Time!

Sarah Jessica Parker at the Oaks Club Ladies Luncheon in Melbourne, Australia

MY CAPTION: Sarah Jessica Parker now gets over 500 channels, including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and ESPN Deportes.

YOUR CAPTION: Leave it in the comments . . .

No way this happened

Sarah Jessica Parker in London

There’s no way this story is true, right? It has to be leaked by Sarah’s publicist. Via Contact Music:
Sarah Jessica Parker screamed at a security guard and pushed him away during a promotional event in Russia after he tried to kiss the actress. Parker…

Caption time!

Sarah Jessica Parker taking her son to school in New York

MY CAPTION: Oh shit, Sarah Jessica Parker cast a spell on the paparazzi again.

YOUR CAPTION: Leave it in the comments . . .

Does she really think people want to see her naked?

Sarah Jessica Parker arriving at Berlin Tegel Airport in Germany

I’ve got some bad news for those of you that have always wanted to see Sarah Jessica Parker nude: 1. You’re gay, and 2. She has a no nudity clause in her contract. oh. darn. From the National Enquirer:
Sarah Jessica…

Spot the annoying celebrity at the White House yesterday

Sarah Jessica Parker listening to Michelle Obama give a speech at The White House (10/20) Jesus, I don’t even think Barack looks at Michelle this adoringly. I think she might actually be hypnotized. I bet if Michelle clapped her hands, Sarah would’ve clucked like a chicken.

Sarah Jessica Parker is very helpful

Sarah Jessica Parker walking her son to school in New York

Sarah Jessica Parker is a very helpful person. Look at her today in New York pointing her middle finger to the sky as if to warn the paparazzi, “Look at those menacing clouds there upon the horizon — I do…

The loneliest man in the world

Sarah Jessica Parker leaving her hotel in London

In this post we list things more pitiful than waiting outside of Sarah Jessica Parker’s hotel so she can autograph your Sex and the City 2 poster . . . *crickets chirping* . . . I got nothing.

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