Sarah Palin

Linsanity has officially jumped the shark

Sarah Palin arriving back at her hotel in New York

Let it be known that on the sixteenth day of February in the year of our Lord two thousand and twelve, Jeremy Lin officially became uncool.

Kim Kardashian > Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin got bumped

There’s only one thing more embarrassing than your 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy becoming international news: Kim Kardashian bumping you from a magazine cover. Oh hey, guess what happened to Sarah Palin? From the New York Post:
Sarah Palin was bumped from the cover of People for Kim Kardashian at…

Sarah Palin confirms that her boobs are real

Sarah Palin’s boobs are real

The internets caught fire last week after this picture surfaced of Sarah Palin at the Belmont Stakes sporting what appeared to be larger than usual breasts. Sorry to disappoint you perverts (hey, that’s me!), but they’re real. From Us Weekly:
The former Vice Presidential candidate broke her…

Martha Stewart can’t stop getting into fights

Martha Stewart at the 4th Annual DogCatemy Gala in New York (11/5) First Rachael Ray and now Sarah Palin. Martha Stewart is looking to crack some skulls. From Radar:The feud between Martha Stewart and Sarah Palin has come to a boil with Sarah’s dad slamming the Domestic Diva. Martha started it when she recently called…