Serena Williams

Serena Williams is impressive

Serena Williams running in the Ultimate Run South Beach event in Miami

My father taught me an important lesson as a child: Despite how tough you think you are, there’s always someone out there bigger and badder.

Read that line again, Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Serena Williams is intimidating

Bikini Pics /
Serena Williams bikini pics!

Here’s Serena Williams at the beach in Miami yesterd-TAKE ALL OF MY LUNCH MONEY! HERE, JUST TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL! *throws wallet at her and runs*

It’s Serena Williams in a bikini

Bikini Pics /
Serena Williams in a bikini in Miami

Fresh off her win at the French Open earlier this month, Serena William enjoyed a little downtime this weekend in Miami. But then the paparazzi started annoying her, so she THREW A HOUSE AT THEM.

Serena Williams was also in Miami

Bikini Pics /
Serena Williams in South Beach

Julianne Hough wasn’t the only celeb in Miami this weekend — Serena Williams was also there. In related new, byeeeee. Everyone wave bye to my erection.

Serena Williams went to the beach

Bikini Pics /
Serena Williams in Miami

You see this, terrorists? This is how all women are built in America. Don’t fuck with us.

Serena Williams does the bikini thing

Bikini Pics /

Serena Williams bikini pictures!
(Miami – 10/4)

Serena Williams took a break from her busy schedule of not fitting into normal clothes and visited Miami on Monday. Um, wow? Wait a minute, we let this chick compete against the Anna Kournikovas and Maria Sharapovas of the world? And yet I was banned…


Bikini Pics /

Serena Williams bikini pics! (Miami – 4/3) Serena Williams was in Miami this weekend. Why? To bend steel rebar between her thighs for no reason at all. I mean, obviously. What do you think she was there for, the weather?

Badonkadonk is in Miami

Bikini Pics /

Serena Williams bikini pics! (Miami – 3/25) Kevin Smith thinks he has it bad because he has to buy two tickets when he flies Southwest? Serena Williams has to buy an entire row.

Quickies Redux

Serena Williams at the Bloomberg Kids Tennis Clinic at Kastles Stadium in Washington DC (7/14)

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Quickies Redux

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