Stephanie Seymour

Just your average family photoshoot

Stephanie Seymour in Harper’s Bazaar

There’s really no other way to spin it: doing a lingerie photoshoot with your children is fucking weird. Which is exactly what Stephanie Seymour does with her sons Peter, 20, and Harry, 17, in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar. That is not how I remember…

Stephanie Seymour is on vacation

Bikini Pics /

Stephanie Seymour in St. Barts

Every year 45-year-old Stephanie Seymour goes to St. Barts for the New Year, and every year 45-year-old Stephanie Seymour looks fucking amazing. We should make a concrete mold of her body so future generations can remember her. Or would that actually kill her? That would be…

Stephanie Seymour shopping for lingerie

Stephanie Seymour at Agent Provocateur in Milan, Italy

Here’s Stephanie Seymour shopping for lingerie earlier this week. FYI, that’s not some random creepy pervert staring at her. It’s her husband Peter Brant. So I guess that makes . . . us the creepy perverts. *awkward*

Stephanie Seymour had a wardrobe malfunction

Stephanie Seymour at Shell Beach in St. Barts

Stephanie Seymour had a little wardrobe malfunction in St. Barts on Wednesday when her nipple tried to make a break for it. Considering the beach in St. Barts are topless anyways, no one really batted an eyelash. It’s a cultural thing. This…

Stephanie Seymour is in a bikini

Bikini Pics /
Stephanie Seymour bikini pics!
(St. Barts – 12/23)

According to exclusive Celebslam sources, Stephanie Seymour may have fake breasts. I know, right? Shocking news. And don’t even try to get me to reveal my sources. I’ll never tell!

Stephanie Seymour went to the beach

Bikini Pics /
Stephanie Seymour bikini pics!

Here’s even more bikini pics from over the holiday weekend, this time of former supermodel Stephanie Seymour in St. Barts. I was actually supposed to spend Christmas in St. Barts, too, but then I remembered that I’m poor. Thanks liberal arts degree!

Oh hi Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour topless!

Former supermodel Stephanie Seymour continued her vacation in St. Barts over the weekend wearing noticeably less clothing. Sweet. On a side note, when the vacation broker told her her rental villa had fabulous views of the Caribbean, a gourmet kitchen, and “full privacy,” pretty sure he was full…

Stephanie Seymour in St. Barts . . . and the morning links

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Stephanie Seymour in St. Barts

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Stephanie Seymour’s divorce is going well

Stephanie Seymour in St. Barts (12/2008) Stephanie Seymour’s divorce is going well — she’s only been issued one public-disturbance summons. Wow, how does she manage such self-control? From the New York Post:The Stephanie Seymour-Peter Brant divorce got even crazier Saturday night when the supermodel was issued a public-disturbance summons after she yanked the keys out…