Taylor Lautner

This is just embarrassing

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins on the set of Abduction in Pittsburgh

I’m sorry, but unless you’re 12 and trying to trick your way into the pants of a hot 13-year-old, the term “promise ring” simply shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. From the National Enquirer:
Brace yourself, Taylor Swift- if your…

Taylor Swift is horny

Taylor Swift and a friend at Pinz Bowling in Studio City

Wait a minute, when did Taylor Swift turn into Paris Hilton? The National Enquirer claims that she’s seeing three dudes right now — or as Paris calls it: “Thursdays.” From the tabloid:
Taylor Swift is racking up boyfriends as fast…


Marisa Miller and Taylor Lautner at the DIRECTTV Celebrity Flag Football Game in Miami

Sorry Team Edward, but I’m switching to Team Jacob. Any guy that can appreciate Marisa Miller’s ass as much as I do is A-OK in my book.