Vince Shlomi

That’ll come right out with a little OxiClean

The ShamWow crime sceneHere’s the crime scene photos from ShamWow spokesman’ Vince Shlomi’s beatdown of a Miami whore in February. I know you think that’s a lot of hooker blood, but in my experiences, hookers tend to bleed a lot easier than normal women with souls. You’ll notice near the pillows that there’s two condoms.

The ShamWow guy beat up a hooker

The ShamWow guy beat up a hookerYour move Billy Mays. From The Smoking Gun:In last month’s violent confrontation [ed note: incident occurred on Feb. 7 but didn’t come to light until now] between the ShamWow guy and a South Beach prostitute, there is no doubt which combatant took the worst of the battle . .