Emma Watson nudes are now a thing

A new round of leaked pics hit the internets yesterday, and this time Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are the victims. Emma’s lawyers said the pics of her “are not nude photographs,” but we must have a different definition of the word nude, because there’s some of her in a bathtub and she’s definitely lacking clothes (which Merriam-Webster defines as being nude). Amanda’s pictures are, well, more graphic. She’s naked, topless, and in one pic, she’s, um, servicing her ex-boyfriend Justin Long. Poor Amanda. I wouldn’t even want a picture of me with food in my teeth all over the internet, let alone an entire penis.

Can’t post the pics here because I hate getting sued, but I’ve found that New Incognito Window—>Google.com helps in times like these.


March 16, 2017 - 6:09 am