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Lea Michele is brave

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Excellent Vyaghrasana, Lea Michele . . . that’s Tiger Pose for you idiots that don’t know Sanskrit. Pffft. More…

How excited is Lea Michele about Maui?

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You can tell Lea Michele loves Hawaii. Trust me, you can tell. More…

Jennifer Connelly is on vacation

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Things Jennifer Connelly hasn’t experienced in years:

1. Poverty

2. Cheeseburgers

Seriously, she’s skinny. More…

Charlotte McKinney also went to the pool

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What better way to kick off Presidents’ Day than with Charlotte McKinney? Actually, she works for any day. More…

Good lord Charlotte McKinney went to the beach

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The only thing missing from these pictures is running. More…

Brooke Burke is in a bikini

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Like Christie Brinkley, Brooke Burke has also been holding up well through the years (NOTE: I will not be posting pictures of Lindsay Lohan later). More…

Kate Upton got the cover

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Kate Upton’s breasts, coming soon to a newstand near you. More…

Ariel Winter on Instagram yesterday

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I feel like this picture should be hanging in an art gallery somewhere. More…

Kim Zolciak is on vacation

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If you look closely, you can almost see water. More…

Durrani Popal is very famous

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Click through to the story page only if you want to read easily the best diarrhea analogy of the year so far. More…

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